Rami Ranger

Rami Ranger

Rami Ranger interview

Earlier this year, I was commissioned to write an article for ‘The Business Magazine’ for their ‘Southern Entrepreneur’ series. The gentleman in question was called Rami Ranger, an Indian entrepreneur based in West London. He had set up an export business, SunMark Ltd, back in the 1980’s armed with just a second-hand desk and a telephone and in 2015, his business surpassed the turnover mark of £200m for the first time.

The interview set me thinking about the importance of research in identifying a market niche.

The secret of Rami’s success

Rami’s business model was centred upon the African market, who valued British goods but baulked at paying for the high brand prices.

How did he come about this insight / research?

Rami’s model in practise:

  • Supermarkets patronise customers: they give them very basic, unattractive brands, whereas I  give them beautiful names and bright packaging, such as Royalty, and Pure Heaven. This is vital for the African market where appearance does confer social status.
  • I build strategic alliances for distribution in different countries
  • I approach manufacturers to make their products but using my branding – they pay upfront and provide the packaging, in return for which they receive guaranteed bulk orders.
  • My products are around 40% cheaper than the branded alternatives – there is no advertising, marketing, or sales cost


“My work ethics are simple. I only succeed when my customers succeed. I work hard for the success of my customers which ultimately becomes my own success.”